Are Wellness Companies Fooling You ?


There is nothing wrong in refining and enhancing your outward self whilst making full use of technologies available. But one must be able to identify the thin line between a consultation and a sales pitch.

We end up going to clinics that tell us we look so very tired, wrinkled and they sell us treatments that may have harmful long term effects, not to mention the high expenses they come with.
Instead of making you feel better about yourself, they end up making you feel the urge to change yourself completely.
We need to think if we want short term quick fixes or long term solutions. Or perhaps, a healthy combination of both.
Sadly most companies work with a sales dashboard and need to push all products, to make profits. *What your skin needs, may not matter as much as your pocket size does*
I have had the pleasure of working with various brands both full time and part time.Very few brands actually care about overall wellness and make sure you have a good experience even if your visit is a brief one.
An awareness is required in this field as well since we have a lot of youngsters spending any amount of money, to look their best.

How to differentiate between a consultation and a sales pitch.

• You have reached a clinic following the incessant recommendations from some influencer on social media. Please keep in mind, what works for their skin , may not work for you. Also influencers can be paid easily .

• The best to make out the difference would be, to identify how many mediators you have between you and the doctor/ fitness expert. Sometimes the person you spend the most time chatting with, is actually from the sales team.
• You feel a lot of treatments being given to you are for fairer skin. Which is not possible without possible side effects.

• Lastly, they don’t let you go until you have taken at least one service. That is a sure shot sign they are trying too hard to catch a fish without keeping your comfort in their mind.

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