Are you using poor quality Sheet Masks?


Anything that touches our skin even for 5 mins, is worth knowing about.
Even though it’s there for 15 minutes on our faces ( hope so!), It can still cause inflammation and a lot of other problems! Any sheet mask can cause some bearable amounts of itching. But a poor-quality one has some glaring signs to watch out for!


A poor-quality one smells like a shampoo everyone has used at some point in time. Because it was made from one! Shampoo is meant for keratinized cells like our hair. It is not suitable for our face.


The skin feels dry a few hours after you take it off. That is a sign that it has stripped off moisture from our skin, even though it was marketed as a hydrating mask.

It’s a bit too fragrant. Our faces do not need perfume. It contains esters that might damage our skin and make it more sensitive.

The mask says “Whitening”. That’s just a marketing gimmick. They either don’t have anything or, may contain harsh bleaching ingredients that can have adverse long-term effects.

A good sheet mask benefits the skin by making it feel hydrated, and smells mild, like a serum. Its effect lasts for at least 3-5 days. It will not make the skin feel dry, even if it is designed for oily skin. It usually won’t cause any itching or burning sensation for long, even if it contains active ingredients. A sheet mask or facemask is designed to pamper the skin.
Invest in a good sheet mask and stay tuned for our sheet mask review!


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