A Guide to Choosing the Best Skincare Products for Yourself.


Skincare has become essential in this high-pollution, junk diet world. Ageing is faster, acne and acne-related pigmentation seem to last way longer…

What’s the solution?



When you look in the mirror every day, don’t just look, observe. Where are you developing fine lines, which part of your face or body feels extremely dry, which area has more acne or pigmentation, which area looks more tanned, and so on.
Observing closely will make you realize what skin type you are and what kind of product should be applied in which area. For example, you might have to use a gel-based moisturizer and a powder-based foundation on oily parts of your face if you have combination skin!



The best skincare doesn’t need heavy marketing. People have known these products work, for decades now. So do not base your choice on a recurring ad necessarily. Filter out the cosmetic and dermatological products. Also, filter out ingredients that may be harmful or too harsh for you.



A good consultation with your cosmetic Physician will give you an idea of what will suit your skin type, based on your history of acne, allergies, hormonal profile, etc. A diet consultation also helps regulate and minimize inflammations caused due to some products.



A lot of influencers nowadays are cropping up on social media. Filter out the genuine ones and follow them for swatches and reviews. These influencers don’t just include celebrities, dermats, and cosmetic physicians, but also chemists and toxicologists. This will help you to get a more pragmatic view of your skincare routine. Also, don’t forget to FOLLOW our blog for more!


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  1. Love your point to ‘Observe’ changes in your skin. Can you also explain what apperances mark for dry skin, wrinkles and skin irritations

    1. Thankyou for your question,
      Dry skin is characterised by flaking and scaling in addition to increased appearance of open pores and fine lines.
      symptoms of skin irritation would be redness, dryness or breakouts.
      Wrinkles increase with aged skin, which is chronological and also a consequence of sun damage.

    1. Thank you very much, Lata Kumar. A hydrated skin is the key to getting through winters. Our skin hydration package would be perfect for you.

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